The JCR Yamaha Racing Team is thrilled to announce that Altherm Window Systems will be their new major sponsor for the upcoming motocross season.

With national MX2 champion Scott Columb, from Queenstown, proudly displaying the No.1 on his Yamaha for the 2013-14 season and his MX1 class team-mate Billy Mackenzie, from Scotland, showing the No.2 on his Yamaha, the team will move forward into the new season, doing so with a fresh impetus courtesy of the Hamilton-based window systems company, APL, which maintains a nationwide network of Altherm manufacturers.

The JCR Yamaha Racing Team also had Rotorua’s Cameron Vaughan collecting the national 125cc title last season, so winning races is something that the team manager, Motueka’s former Grand Prix star and current Australian MX1 champion Josh Coppins, can almost guarantee.

“We believe that there is real synergy between quality brands such as Altherm and Yamaha.” said APL General Manager, Marketing, Shane Walden, of Hamilton.

Team manager Coppins said “I am very excited about the relationship and thrilled that they have entrusted us to help promote their window systems. It has a real ‘feel good’ feeling about it and I’m keen to show them what we can do.”