Altherm meets contemporary demands for clean lines and smooth surfaces. There are no unsightly grooves or ‘v’ lines running along Altherm profiles. This design philosophy means that your Altherm windows will retain their good looks over the long term.

To ensure the cleanest possible look for our windows we have minimized the appearance of glazing vinyls when from the outside. These are the black lines that border most panes of glass in aluminium joinery. Pressure-fit glazing means there are no wedges on the window exterior when glass of the most common thickness is used. This feature has been extended to doors as well.

Altherm has recessed the condensation channel into the reveal or jambliner in order to enhance both aesthetics and performance. Any condensation that forms is collected and carried away through a concealed drainage system to the outside.


-Awning Windows
-Casement Windows
-Horizontal Sliding Windows
-Vertical Sliding Windows
-Bi-fold Windows
-Greenhouse, Box & Bay Windows
-Custon Design Windows
-Overhead Glazing & Roof Windows