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There are no grooves or ‘v’ lines running along Altherm profiles, and we’ve paid close attention to shapes and proportions across all our ranges.

Sliding windows

Altherm horizontal sliding windows don’t project on to walkways, decks and outside areas, perfectly suited to people seeking a link between home and outdoors. Altherm sliding windows can be used where a servery is desired, for passing food and drinks outside, while removing the risk of children playing around protruding edges. Corner sliders are possible without corner posts.

Two types of vertical sliding window are offered by Altherm, the standard double hung with a traditional or contemporary style frame, and the Shugg window, which offers an all-glass look with no horizontal rails.

Please note: ThermalHeart is only available in horizontial sliding windows; vertical sliding Shuggs are the only available option in the Metro Series or APL Architectural Series

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Sliding Desktop 01
Sliding Desktop 01
sliding tablet 02
sliding mobile 03