Altherm Sponsorships

Altherm Window Systems are long-time supporters of high-performance sport – helping athletes to compete at the highest levels in national and international competition. We love cheering on from the sidelines and seeing the talent and passion on display.

We provide a platform for our athlete’s journeys by telling their stories and offering unique experiences to kiwi fans.

Current campaigns

There are currently no active campaigns. Check back soon for more!

Proudly sponsoring

Netball NZ and the Silver Ferns

Netball is a part of our kiwi lifestyle – and Altherm is excited to be sharing in the story of netball in New Zealand
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Altherm JCR Yamaha

We are proud sponsors of New Zealand's elite motocross racing team Altherm JCR Yamaha, led by former international motocross star Josh Coppins.
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