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At Altherm, we recognise homes differ in size, design, materials and location. Our range of windows, doors and hardware has been designed to meet all types of scenarios. Whatever your plans, we have it covered - from residential solutions to special aspects like thermal efficiency, span capabilities, aesthetic and functional features. Browse our full range of windows or doors, read brochures online, or order a copy

Altherm Residential

Altherm Residential

Altherm Residential doors and windows are found more than any other brand in New Zealand homes. Browse our range to find a window, or door to suit your project.

Metro Series

Metro Series

The next step up, Metro, is a stylish and versatile range of heavy duty windows and doors. Our Metro range combines serious performance with sleek, compact and contemporary design. Suitable for residential and architectural applications in demanding environments. View the Metro Series brochure.

ArchSeries sub 

APL Architectural Series

The APL Architectural series is for architecturally styled homes and apartments where size, strength, uncompromising good looks and functionality are desired. Contemporary design profiles include clean, flush surfaces, continuous sightlines and square-edged forms. APL Architectural offers a full suite of products with doors capable of heights up to 2.7 metres and higher, depending on wind exposure. View the APL Architectural brochure.

TH sub


For designers, builders and homeowners seeking temperature comfort in homes, especially during winter, we offer advanced ThermalHeart technology in Altherm Residential and Metro series windows and doors. Windows and doors featuring ThermalHeart technology have nylon thermal insulators separating the inside and outside metal faces. This cleverly integrated barrier stops the transmission of cold through the aluminium. ThermalHeart is a smart and affordable investment with substantial long term energy savings and health benefits. It is always used with double-glazing, and a variety of high performance thermal glass options are available.

View our ThermalHEART video.

Note: ThermalHEART products have a thermal break within the system, and in direct sunlight the temperature on the external facing of the product may become very high, relative to inside. There is a potential for the system to experience slight bowing and doors may have difficulty closing smoothly. We stress that this is only a temporary effect and the system will revert back to its normal shape as the aluminium cools. This effect is primarily in dark colours, so it can be minimised by selecting lighter external colours or increasing the shade in the area.


Smartwood has an impressive reputation for its clever visual appeal and weatherproof durability. It is a composite system offering the warmth of wood on the inside, and the durability and convenience of aluminium on the outside. Smartwood offers a choice of modern, square-edged timber profiles or more rounded forms.

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Klima Series

Klima Series is an innovative range of uPVC windows and doors optimised for New Zealand conditions, based on the premium quality 76 Series by Germany’s Kömmerling group. With outstanding thermal efficiency, they are perfect when winter cold is an important consideration.

Thick, strong profiles are standard, with hidden steel bracing within the frame for shape stability and structural excellence. The Klima Series design features the same facing frame and sash format as standard New Zealand windows, with high quality weather resistance, strength and code compliance in high wind zones.

View the Klima Brochure

View the Klima Hardware leaflet