Passive Ventilation

With our passive ventilation solutions you’ll be breathing fresh air all day, in any weather

On average, we breathe 13,000 litres of air per day and spend around 90% of our day indoors – either at home, work or school.

We’re away from home more than ever and have concerns around noise, security and bugs so we don’t open our windows enough to keep our indoor air fresh through the whole day.

Indoor pollutants such as moisture, allergens, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are trapped inside which impacts our health and performance and can damage buildings.

Thorough ventilation is the best way to keep our indoor air quality high and flush out moisture and indoor pollutants.

Benefits of Passive Ventilation:

  • Introduces fresh air into the building envelope 
  • Makes homes healthier, by improving air quality 
  • Easier and more efficient to heat, reducing energy consumption.

Passive Ventilation options

Improves airflow with less visual intrusion.
  • A cover on the inside also acts as a manual slide for opening and closing
  • Air movement is directed upwards to prevent draughts
  • Internal insect mesh barrier ensures only fresh air is allowed in
  • Ideal for cross-ventilation and air flow.
Delivers background ventilation through the bottom of an opening window.
  • Installed into bottom-opening windows (awning), meaning it is hidden away
  • A manual slide allows the vent to be opened and closed
  • Insect mesh barrier ensures only fresh air is allowed in.
Naturally automated trickle ventilator suitable for high-end residential and commercial projects.
  • Opens & closes based upon air temperature. This ventilation option is fully automated without the use of power, sensors or human intervention
  • Mesh prevents insect entry to the aluminium Ventient box, and dust and pollen filters are also incorporated.

Ventient - Trickle ventilation system