Insert windows and doors

Insert windows and doors offer an affordable option to significantly improve the look and feel of your home. In this method, a new window is inserted into the existing timber window frame allowing you to update the colour and configuration of your windows while retaining the character of your home with minimal disruption to your home.

Insert windows may be a good option if:

  • Your wooden joinery is a bit draughty, stiff to open and close but in reasonable condition
  • You'd like to retain the existing character of your house
  • You'd like to improve the function and thermal performance of your joinery

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Are insert windows right for me?

  • Joinery is given a more modern look and function while retaining the character of your home
  • Double-glazed aluminium or uPVC inserts offer weathertight seals
  • You choose your joinery colour
  • You can update your window configuration
  • High performance double-glazing improves your home's thermal performance
  • Improved security
  • Less ongoing maintenance required
  • Insert installment is typically completed in 2-3 days
  • Minimal work is required after the inserts are installed


  • New windows and doors cannot be inserted into existing wooden frames or sills if they show signs of rot or are in poor conditions
  • While windows work really well as an insert option, doors are often more difficult to insert into existing frames as they are usually bigger than modern frames and there can be a high step over the sills
  • Existing wooden frames and sills remain and will need ongoing maintenance and painting.

The insert installation process

What is it?

A new aluminium window is inserted into the existing timber window frames. You keep the existing character of your home with the existing timber window frames. You keep the existing character of your home with the original timber casing, trim and flashings intact, with the benefit of watertight seals and less ongoing maintenance. Insert windows give you the opportunity to change the configuration and colour of your windows and doors to suit your modern-day lifestyle and optimise the natural light and fresh air moving through your home. 

What's involved?

The opening windows and fixed windows are all removed, along with all the internal timber. Just the outside frame is left in place. We then insert the new double-glazed aluminium window and weather seal the outside. The inside is finished and cleaned, leaving you with minimal (if any) work to tidy up after the installation.

Step 1

The existing windows and glass are removed

Step 2

Internal timber is removed, leaving just the outside frame

Step 3

New doubleglazed joinery is inserted

Step 4

The outside of the new unit is weather sealed

Step 5

The inside is finished and cleaned

Insert joinery options


This comprehensive and highly versatile range of insulated aluminium window and door frames incorporates a polyamide strip in the core of the window system to deliver clean lines and high performance in extreme weather conditions.

Klima® uPVC joinery

We offer a standard range of uPVC windows and doors for projects using insert windows. Klima® is designed and manufactured here in New Zealand to suit our uniquely challenging climate. This durable window and door range delivers warmth and comfort year-round is unbeatable for thermal efficiency.

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With this method, existing joinery is removed entirely and a new window or door and framing structure is installed allowing you to completely change the colour, style and configuration.

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