Choose the right surface finish for you

Choose the right product

Consider your environment and site conditions, especially if your home is coastal. Your site location will determine the performance requirements of your surface finish.

Find the right colour

We have a comprehensive range of colours to choose from. Our 35 popular colours offer something to suit all styles and you can consult with your manufacturer if you want a colour that is not in the popular range.

Chat to your local manufacturer

Consult with your local Altherm manufacturer for further advice and to request a colour swatch. A word to the wise: when you are making your final colour selection, assess an aluminium colour swatch in natural light.

Colour selection tips

  • Use natural light to assess an aluminium colour swatch to make your final choice. 
  • When judging colour consistency and integrity of the finished product, the accepted industry standard is inspection from a distance of two metres.
  • Consider the environmental and site conditions of your property and ensure that the powdercoat product you choose is fit for purpose.

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